We started niftyEntries.com as we found all the entry sites we used for our events had something missing, automated opening, reservations, pricing options etc...  So we decided to write our own.  

Since the beginnings in 2012 we have had the events market specifically in mind, our features have been added to as more people use the system but we stick to our core business of a Sports Event Entry system.

Click the feature headlines below for a more detailed explanation of each of our features:


We have designed a simple fast entry system, big text, big entries, quick validation and helpers make filling out information on the entry form easy.  Over 80% of people complete entry within 3 minutes, some people can complete within 1 min.

niftyEntries.com works equally as well on an iPhone, Android, Windows phones and all tablets.  The forms automatically resize depending on the design and all the features available on a PC will still work on your phone and tablet.

With nearly 50% of our entries now coming through a mobile device can you afford to be using a system that isn't responsive?

Social media is a brilliant way to get publicity about your event.  Every person who enters your event on niftyEntries.com is offered a chance to win back their entry fee in return for a tweet or share on facebook.  We fund this with no impact to your event finances.  We see a conversion rate of 50% of people who enter using this method, a brilliant way to get your event noticed.

niftyentries.com can also be set up to automatically tweet when your entries go live, reach milestones or is becoming full.

At niftyEntries.com we don't charge you to process refunds.  You can also use our mass refund tool to send refunds to everyone in the event your event is cancelled. All for free!  There is no time limit to when you can refund people either!

Create complex pricing rules for your event.  You can have multiple entry options (different classes) for your event, each can have different pricing which can be based on dates, total entrants or entrants for each class.  No need to have to change your pricing manually any more!

Upload your logo, either one for your organisation or one per event,  you can choose a different theme or we can create a custom style sheet that matches your web site.

Take control of your event with our dashboard, easily see entries, real time updating.

Geo mapping shows where your users come from, includes travel distances and travel times to give you more information.

niftyEntries will check the email address as the user enters it.  If it can't validate the address it will ask the user to check it.

Simple invoicing and funds transfer.  Your funds are automatically transferred to your bank 10 days after the end of each month.  A simple statement gives you a breakdown of all your entries, refunds and fees paid.

You can create as many questions in our question builder as you like, add sections of text, placeholders, dropdown lists, type ahead, post code lookups.  You can create custom validation, hidden fields for administrative purposes and lots of other things.

We recommend you keep things simple as the less time it take the more people successfully register!

Schedule your event entry opening times, no more waiting around to click open!

Let our automated waiting list handle your events when they become full!  As places become available the next entrant gets an email (and optionally an SMS) to notify them of a place becoming available.  Customise how long they have to accept before it moves to the next person.  You can also configure different cancellation values for events that are full.

Let people manage their own data.  You can set which fields can be editable by the entrants, lessen the load of event admin by making your entrants manage their own data.  niftyEntries.com is designed to make it really easy for the entrant to do this, without even having to register or login!

Entrants can transfer their entry to someone else.  You can configure this option on in the admin console,  it works by sending an email to the new entrant, they complete a sign up form which then cancels the donor entry, no involvement needed from the organiser.

Of course you can initiate this process from the admin console, you can perform the transfer manually for those who can't manage online, you can event transfer people between events! Great feature for deferrals.

Automated refunds make you life easy.  You can configure a refund policy which is automatically applied when people cancel their entry.  You can set rules based on dates and whether the event is full.  Rules can be percentage or real value based.

Customise your emails that get sent to entrants.  Include their details with a click of a button.  Customise the email logo's and reply addresses.

Send emails to all competitors or a sub set.  Powerful filters allow you to create segments which can be used to then send an email to all in that segment.

A powerful reporting module allows you to create custom reports, choose any question to be in the report, filter based on any answer with easy pick lists from all answers.

Reports can be scheduled and delivered automatically via email or updated directly in your dropbox account.

We guarantee not to put adverts on your entry pages unlike lots of other entry systems